Les Morceaux de Nzorfou Kondey

The fact that Super Onze still rocks these Corona days  proves this recent recording made March 8th 2020 in Gao, Mali. This for the celebration of a collective of women in Gao called N’zorfou Kondey. Recorded by Yehia Mballa Samake. Takamba at its finest. Get into that groove, loose your mind. Super Onze are on … More Les Morceaux de Nzorfou Kondey

Digital re-release of our cassette Session pour Yehia le Marabout

_Session pour Yehia Le Marabout was recorded in ’94. It was an assignment done by Yehia, a famous marabout based in Gao who gave Super 11 several assignments. His last name we do not know alas and he died recently. The takes have no names. They are nothing but grand improvisations done for the marabout. … More Digital re-release of our cassette Session pour Yehia le Marabout

Yehia Mballa Samaké (Super 11) | Improvisation


Here’s your chance to watch some exclusive solo footage recorded of Yehia Mballa Samaké. He is the main n’goni player of Super 11, the undisputed masters of Takamba music. The look of him apparently doesn’t tell but he’s the main virtuoso on this predecessor of all guitars. When he plays, he’s watched by all Malian string instrument crackheads, wether they are Soray, Bambara or Tamashek. It simply doesn’t matter. The movie is recorded in Gao, Northern mali. because of the troubles caused by socalled religious people and the Algerian government he had to flee his own with his family to Bamako. You can support his work and that of his band Super 11 by purchasing their exclusive digital Takamba album for € 8,- on super11.bandcamp.com. If Justin Adams, guitar player of Robert Plant’s band, is to be believed, like him, you might just find it “devastating” and unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Voici votre chance de regarder quelques images en solo exclusif enregistré de Yehia Mballa Samaké. Il est le principal acteur n’goni de Super 11, les maîtres incontestés de la musique Takamba. Le look de lui ne semble pas dire, mais il est le virtuose principale sur ce prédécesseur de toutes les guitares. Quand il joue, il est regardé par tous les magiciens instruments à cordes malien, selon qu’ils sont Soray, bambara ou tamasheq. Il n’a tout simplement pas d’importance. Le film est enregistré à Gao, le nord du Mali. en raison des troubles causés par soi-disant religieux et le gouvernement algérien, il a dû fuir son propre avec sa famille à Bamako. Vous pouvez soutenir son travail et celui de son groupe 11 Super en achetant leur album digital exclusif Takamba pour € 8,- à super11.bandcamp.com. Si Justin Adams, guitariste de la bande de Robert Plant, l’on en croit, comme lui, vous pourriez trouver ce brisante et, contrairement à tout ce que vous avez jamais entendu parler.

More Yehia Mballa Samaké (Super 11) | Improvisation