Super Onze

_”This CD brings to the West for the first time the undiluted sound of the Takamba – Not for the faint hearted – it deserves to be heard by everyone who loves wild groove music with no limits.” – JUSTIN ADAMS.

“Magistralement Magnifique 5 ***** Les Inrocks (FR)”.

“It is THE cd for takamba. Great job! ” BANNING EYRE, Senior Editor,

Wow man!!! this is shit is fucking heavy!!! I haven’t really heard much of the real stuff like this and it’s powerful”. Timothy Keiper, drummer of Vieux Farka Toure’s band (USA).


_Session pour Yehia Le Marabout

_Session pour Yehia Le Marabout was recorded in ’94. It was an assignment done by Yehia, a famous marabout based in Gao who gave Super 11 several assignments. His last name we do not know alas and he died recently. The takes have no names. They are nothing but grand improvisations done for the marabout. What is so nice about this session that the accompagnment isn’t done only by calabash, but also with an iron pot. It gives the Takamba an extra metal buzz which ads perfectly to the sound of the vocalists exclamations. And when the tune evolves, the iron comes in and makes the takamba haunting more and more.


Super Onze – Gao

Electrified sessions of takamba, the ghostly drone from Northern Mali. Staccato calabash percussion carry shredding traditional guitar. Improvised praise for Yehia the holy man by masters Super Onze, recorded in the early 90s. Distortion and fuzz from pickups and tape hiss reveal the soundscape of the Northern dusty villages – where takamba blares from radios, boomboxes, and old cassette tapes.

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