Digital re-release of our cassette Session pour Yehia le Marabout

_Session pour Yehia Le Marabout was recorded in ’94. It was an assignment done by Yehia, a famous marabout based in Gao who gave Super 11 several assignments. His last name we do not know alas and he died recently. The takes have no names. They are nothing but grand improvisations done for the marabout. What is so nice about this session that the accompagnment isn’t done only by calabash, but also with an iron pot. It gives the Takamba an extra metal buzz which ads perfectly to the sound of the vocalists exclamations. And when the tune evolves, the iron comes in and makes the takamba haunting more and more._The main n’goni player on this tape is Super 11’s main man Yehia Mballa Samake. He is accompagnied by Le Petit Griot, another grand ngoni player who was part of Super 11. He died last year, shortly after the power siege of the narco terrorists in Gao. The calabash is played Mohamed Kara, also member of Super 11, and resident in Gao. We at Two Speakers met him once in 2008 when we visited Gao. The vocals are by Douma Maiga. He was a former member of Super 11 and died alas._Nice to mention about the physical source tape, it was bought by the late Ali Farka Touré and his wife, Henriette Kuypers Touré. When on visit in Bamako and having some spare time they would venture to the home cassette factory of Samba Afro Cissé, a famous tape vendor who’s family operated several cassetteshops in Bamako and Mopti. He was the man to visit when in need of good source tapes in those days in Mali. We owe Henriette Toure Kuypers a lot for making a copy of this very tape.


releases 20 May 2013
Label: Two Speakers
Catalog: TWO 005

Super Onze, our first CD album released worldwide